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  1. Prodigy is a 16 year young IT and software services company head quartered in Hyderabad, India and has remote office on Delaware, USA. We are proud to have fostered innovation as our culture and always stayed ahead of the curve to embrace and upskill our people for the next generation of technologies. Our clients include from Fortune 200 companies and have world #1 in their industries. We serve clients in Energy and Utilities, Logistics and Transportation, Agriculture Farming, Agricultural machinery manufacturing, data science for state health care departments, and many more. We are looking for MULTI SKILLED engineers who have the zeal and passion to learn on their own, have fire in their belly and never give up attitude to support our clients to manage their on prem and cloud native applications. You will be required to go through an online live test and build a multi skilled solution. For instance, we could ask you to build a web page in ReactJS and have it interact with . Net Core Web API and MySQL. A may be in an hour. If you do not have diverse skills, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. We are looking for someone who has demonstrated that they have the willingness to learn new technologies on their own. Two things Prodigy will need before anything else in you is 1. Excellent spoken and written English (do you love English grammar?) And a lot of common sense. 2. Attitude: We want people who are humble and yet aggressive at work. Have passion to learn and never give up attitude. If you don't have the above do not apply and waste your time and ours. Essential Skills: 1. Web application engineering in ASP .Net MVC 2. React JS or Angular experience desired. 3. Cloud native service development 4. MS SQL and MySQL - SQL queries 5. Deployment automation 6. Unit test automation 7. Azure DevOps 8. Building apps for.the internet Vs intranet. 9. Mobile applications or PWA exposure. We don't want bookish answers, you are free to use Google search but as long as you can rationale well. Job Type: Full-time
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